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Room Layout Tool

Arrange your baby room by using furniture templates on graph paper.


At the link below, select NEW ROOM. A box will open. Click CONTINUE and another box will open, asking for your room dimensions. Fill them in the selection box. Next, click ARCHITECTURE. A drop down box will open. You can select DOORS, WINDOWS, etc. In each selection, there is an arrow with a drop down menu to select the type of door or window you have. Select the appropriate one. It will appear as your selection above. Now, click on the item with your left mouse button, holding the mouse button down. Drag and drop the item where it belongs in your room. After you have finished your door, windows, and electrical outlets, go to the selection FURNITURE. Click on it. You will see one of the selections is BEDROOM / NURSERY. Click on it. Click on the arrow, to see all of your possible selections. For each furniture item you have, select it and drag and drop it where you desire in the room layout. This tool is extremely helpful for your baby room layout.


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